The PlanIT OS™

The PlanIT Operating System™ or PlanIT OS™ is a standards based middleware product that provides real time sensing, control, spatial analytics, data integration, security, support and provisioning of ubiquitous context relevant applications for the Internet of Things. The PlanIT OS™ provides the infrastructure for solutions across a broad range of vertical markets from manufacturing through mining exploration.

The PlanIT Urban Operating System™ (UOS™) is the implementation of the PlanIT OS™ for smart city and urban development markets. Although the PlanIT OS™ is increasingly being adopted around the world for new markets, Living PlanIT originally developed the PlanIT OS™ focusing primarily on two key markets which constitute subsets of the 'Internet of Things':

Living PlanIT - Products

Leveraging PlanIT OS™ and PlanIT Urban Operating System™

The majority of applications are delivered by a growing ecosystem of partners, but a few specialized applications – targeted at enhancing the design and delivery of smart cities – are developed by Living PlanIT directly. Further information about partner-provided applications for PlanIT OS™ can be found here while more information about smart city applications specialized for the PlanIT Urban Operating System™ can be found on this page.

Living PlanIT - Products

Living PlanIT supports optimized deployment of the PlanIT OS™ through the provision of professional services. Living PlanIT takes advantage of both in-house resources and partners to deliver these services providing best-in-class services competitively. More details can be found here.

The PlanIT OS™ reduces the cost of providing control architectures in an urban context as well as advanced information and interaction management, in both private and public cloud contexts, by making extensive use of standard hardware and software components from a myriad of our technology partners. Further, by providing a unified platform for all applications, sensors, and data, deeper insights are enabled because more naturally aligned information is available to interpret, in turn driving a richer history to provide predictive models and optimization. This means cheaper infrastructure, progressively more efficient operations and lower operating costs, and better consumer and user experiences.

PlanIT OS™ products are available both directly from Living PlanIT and also through our partners as part of advanced solutions, and are delivered in a range of easy-to-deploy hardware which are described further on this page. For more information on how to obtain the PlanIT OS™ please contact