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We are a group of leading technology, real estate and financial experts pioneering a smarter approach to building, city and community development. Together, we are building a more sustainable, profitable and brighter future.

Our Team


Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis is the Founder and former CEO of Living PlanIT.

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Executive Chairman

Richard Constant

Richard Constant is the Executive Chairman of Living PlanIT, driving the next phase of growth that the company faces. He brings over 40 years of experience in various fields as he has been advising governments and corporate clients around the world on high profile financial, corporate and public affairs & communications strategies for over 25 years.

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EVP, Research & Development

Peter Van Manen

Peter is Executive Vice President at Living PlanIT, leading Engineering. He is responsible for the development and support of the products and platforms created by the company, including the highly acclaimed PlanIT Urban Operating System (UOS).

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EVP & Treasurer

Harley Blettner

Harley has been appointed to the Living PlanIT Board of Directors and will now head up Living PlanIT's PlanIT Valley business unit. He brings his great expertise in working with leading finance and insurance institutions, manufacturers and mall operators on significant financing instruments including debt instruments, bonds, letters and lines of credit and lease negotiations to PlanIT Valley.

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Chief Financial Officer

Dieter Launer

Dieter Launer is the Chief Financial Officer of Living PlanIT. He joined Living PlanIT from Microsoft Switzerland, where he was the CFO. Before that he was the Managing Director for Finance and Delivery at Atos Origin Schweiz AG, where he led changes in the business model, financial operations and the organization.

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VP, Head of Corporate Development

Dan Byles

Dan is Vice President, Head of Corporate Development, responsible for building and leading strategic corporate development building corporate level strategic partnerships and alliances including design wins, strategic partners and investors, managing the company deals pipeline and participating in the assessment of target markets.

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Chief Technology Officer

John Stenlake

John Stenlake, previously the Worldwide Automotive Technologist for Microsoft Corporate and Chief Architect for Ford Motor Company, is the Chief Technology Officer for Living PlanIT, providing corporate leadership for our continued innovation and use of technology. John has personally led the architecture, design, development, and initial deployments of the award-winning PlanIT Urban Operating System for over more than 5 years.

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Chief Scientist

Nuno Silva

Nuno manages the Biologicial Systems Department and runs a team of scientists. Nuno is a senior executive with verifiable year-after-year success in achieving revenue, profits and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround, and rapid-changing environments.

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Chief Data Scientist

Oliver Chikumbo

Oliver brings to the team research interests spanning resilience engineering, system identification, optimal control theory, evolutionary multi-objective optimization, exploratory data analyses, virtual reality visualization for hyperspaces, multi-criterion decision-making, and high performance computing.

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VP Legal & Corporate Affairs

Johanna Weigelt

Johanna is Vice President Legal and Corporate affairs and joined the Living PlanIT team as a partner responsible for law, corporate affairs, communications, program management. She is also currently responsible for Human Resources.

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Chief Network Architect

Andrew Roden

Andrew is the Chief Network Architect at Living PlanIT, working on solutions that integrate the PlanIT OS and other Living PlanIT products into solutions that address the various markets and verticals.

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VP Corporate Development

Keith Hearnshaw

Prior to joining Living PlanIT Keith accumulated over 30 years business experience in both the IT and environmental/sustainability industries primarily focused in the sales and marketing arena in developing and managing customer and partner relationships.

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VP, Head of PMO

Bernd Herbert

Bernd is responsible as Head of PMO for coordinating the project management function at the corporate level of the company with the objective of ensuring that the PMO functions across the business units are aligned and add value to the Rhythm of Business of the company.

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Director Corporate Communications

Michael Weigelt

Michael leads Corporate Communications. Michael facilitates numerous cross departmental activities to promote operational excellence and commercial development. He advises corporate strategy to ensure that company vision, market objectives, product development, branding and messaging are aligned around the Living PlanIT ethos of improving quality of life through technology.

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Board Member

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor is a member of the Board of Living PlanIT. Ian was a member of the British Parliament for 23 years until 2010, during which time he served as the Minister of Science & Technology 1994-97. He was Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary & Scientific Committee, the Space Committee and sat on the Commission on National Security.

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