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PlanIT Labs: Solve Real World Problems

Living PlanIT likens the PlanIT Urban Operating System™ to the brain and central nervous system for world-class data collection and exploratory analysis leveraging advanced scientific rigour across multiple disciplines. We apply know-how and technology transfer in the areas of future industries using biological and digital technology challenges as the starting point and pair that with innovative approaches among other things, exploratory analytics, machine learning and decision-making. Our commitment to research and development is articulated via PlanIT Labs with groundbreaking outcomes in the form of hardware and software products that continually enhance our PlanIT UOS™ platform offering:



Our core mission is embodied in the following strategic objectives:

Our deep history and experience in working to design and deploy solutions for Smart Cities has already fueled our research teams with new challenges. PlanIT Labs has responded with innovative solutions that we are planning to bring to market in our UOS product offerings very soon.