Living PlanIT and Milligan to lead the world’s first ‘Smart Airport Experience’ with London City Airport

Making airports more user-friendly

Focused on enhancing the customer journey, the project will integrate airport operations, retail, food and beverage, foreign exchange, customer communications and security together on a single platform – the Living PlanIT Urban Operating System™

LONDON – 26 March 2013

Living PlanIT SA, in close cooperation with Milligan, the retail developer, has led a successful consortium bid in the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) ‘Internet of Things Demonstrator’ Competition. This project will demonstrate that where objects communicate with one another the data can be used to improve efficiency of services to individuals. The Living PlanIT Urban Operating System™ will be used as the infrastructure to integrate and process necessary data, enabling innovation in the creation of a wide range of digital applications and solutions aimed at improving the passenger journey experience, as well as services aimed at retailers and service providers. The demonstrator will also address issues associated with interoperability, data security, privacy and the effective management of real-time information.

Airports and the related travel sector are of growing significance both economically and socially. This project is an opportunity for the UK’s aviation sector to forge ahead of its international competition, through the adoption and deployment of a range of technologies, integrated across a single, open system. In addition, the creation of a platform for SMEs and small App developers to cluster, create, build and apply new commercial opportunities in the context of smart transport hubs, is significant for the economic development of east London.

The Internet of Things (sometimes called machine to machine communications or M2M) is a computing concept that describes a future in which everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet, be able to introduce themselves to other objects and communicate with them. These terms are often closely identified with devices that detect or measure a physical property and record, indicate, or otherwise respond to it.

Living PlanIT’s Urban Operating System™ is the open standards software platform that provides the integration and unified control of these objects, spatial analytics to better understand what the data from them really means and to enable applications to utilize this information to improve automation, interaction with people and reduce our use of natural resources.

This project will demonstrate the exciting possibilities of the Internet of Things and make a strategic contribution to the industrialisation of the Internet.

Partnering with Living PlanIT are other multi-national technology providers including Hitachi, IBM and Philips and associate partners London City Airport, SITA, SITC and Springboard. The project will provide opportunities for SME participation with leading companies such as AppSherpas, Critical Software Technologies, Crowd Vision and Redbite Solutions to participate in the consortium.

Furthermore this project will significantly benefit the passenger through personalised and tailored “real-time” communications, enhanced retail and food and beverage services, rewards for frequent travellers, advanced operational information and more.

The services and applications developed will benefit airport operators, airlines, retailers, transport providers and passengers as well as UK application developers. Operators, airlines, retailers, and other service providers will benefit from understanding customers´ needs better without compromising their privacy, efficiency improvements and the ability to further differentiate the airport from its competitors. Developers will see data services, shared ICT infrastructure, structured data definitions and strong use cases to support the development of new applications.

For London City, this project strongly supports the airport’s growth strategy and its vision to deliver ‘better, faster journeys’ for passengers. The speed and ease of the ‘passenger journey’ through departures and arrivals is the airport’s unique selling point given its high proportion of business travellers. London City Airport sees new Cloud-based applications and services as essential components in measuring and improving the passenger journey.

The project will highlight the power of using technology to identify, acknowledge and engage with frequent-flyers in particular via an active, integrated and intelligent relationship management system making every passenger feel and experience they are a valued customer.

Funding for the project comes from the TSB, the UK’s innovation agency, whose remit from national Government is to accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation. One of the ways in which this is achieved is through the award of grants for projects, which are judged to be of strategic importance to the UK and are likely to deliver significant economic return. These awards are made by way of a competitive bidding process with only the highest quality proposals receiving funding.

The engagement of communities of young companies to find new commercial opportunities as part of the project will directly support the UK Government’s economic development strategy and will leverage significant additional investment from a wide range of stakeholders. As the TSB underlined in announcing the competition: “The Internet of Things has the potential to stimulate large scale investment, create jobs and bring substantial economic growth.”


Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor of London, Business and Enterprise commented "London is making new connections, bringing people, data and infrastructure together to improve the travelling experience for Londoners, tourists and business travellers. This investment is a sign of what is to come and will send the message globally that London is a pioneer in the use of technology. This is a great example of private sector led data sharing that will spur further innovation and entrepreneurial endeavor."

Matthew Hall, Chief Commercial Officer at London City Airport said: “LCY is the gateway to East London, which is fast establishing itself as a ‘tech city’ within the capital. It therefore seems very fitting that we are taking a leading role in such a trailblazing project. This project will help us to manage the passenger journey through the airport and interact with our customers, track assets on-site, and utilise intelligent marketing concepts tailored to an individual’s needs. We aim to set an example for airports and other businesses all over the world to follow.”

For Living PlanIT, Dr Robin Daniels said “We’re very excited to be working with London City Airport, Milligan and our other partners to demonstrate how the everyday lives of travelers can be very positively affected through the intelligent integration of technologies. The world will be watching East London lead the way in smart airport development.”

John Stenlake, CTO of Living PlanIT commented, “'This project will show the benefits of using a common platform - Living PlanIT's UOS™ - to support applications that span retail, operations, and security. This joined-up approach exploiting the Internet of Things will enable both better passenger experiences and improved efficiency, and positions London City Airport to further optimize its existing uniqueness in location and passenger advantage."

Samantha Robinson, Head of Marketing at Milligan, the retail developer responsible for driving non-aeronautical revenues at LCY said, “This is a very exciting opportunity to deliver our vision for a truly enhanced and differentiated customer experience which is wholly relevant to LCY’s business passenger profile.”


About Living PlanIT

Living PlanIT is a software company recognized globally for its leading research, and development of technologies synonymous with the industrialization of the Internet.

The PlanIT OS™ is the standards based middleware product that provides real time sensing, control, spatial analytics, data integration, security, support and provisioning of ubiquitous context relevant applications for the Internet of Things. The PlanIT OS™ provides the infrastructure for solutions across a broad range of vertical markets from manufacturing through mining exploration.

The PlanIT Urban Operating System™ is the implementation of the PlanIT OS™ for smart city and urban development market.

We value people who are willing to take on big challenges, are open and respectful to others, self-critical, questioning, are committed to personal excellence, accountability for results and quality returns to our stakeholders.

Known for creativity, integrity and diversity, we are passionate about our customers, partners, technology and contributing to improvements in the quality of life for the world’s people and our planet.

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About Milligan

Since 2008 Milligan has been responsible for driving the non-aeronautical revenues at London City Airport, and played a key role in the airport’s recent £11m refurbishment.

Established in 2002, Milligan is a retail developer that specialises in the Strategic Repositioning of retail centres in an increasingly competitive and challenging retail environment.

At the heart of the Milligan philosophy is a passion and drive to create places where people are inspired to shop. Every place it creates is a one-off. Each project is conceived, designed and delivered by focusing on the needs and desires of the people who will visit, use and enjoy the space.

In ten years, Milligan has developed an international reputation for approaching retail assets with flexibility and flair. Development projects include a wide variety of Shopping Centres in addition to the development of Markets and the strategic repositioning and development of the retailing offer in Airports. These projects have been principally located in the UK although Milligan has also been an active developer in Spain and Portugal. Notwithstanding the very real challenges in each of these retail markets, every Milligan project has been profitable.

Enquiries: Please contact Samantha Robinson at Milligan on 02072974303.

About London City Airport

London City Airport [LCY] is the only London airport situated in London itself, just three miles from Canary Wharf, seven miles from the City and 10 miles from London’s West End and linked to all via the Docklands Light Railway and London Underground.

Infrastructure improvements in 2011 catered for 3 million passengers and 70,000 movements, while in 2012 LCY celebrated its millionth flight, 36 millionth passenger and 25 years of operation.

The airport offers a unique rapid transit proposition – a short check in door to lounge, and a shorter arrival tarmac to train.

10 airlines fly out of LCY, serving 44 destinations and the airport has permission to increase its operation to 120,000 movements per annum.

LCY is on Twitter (@londoncityair) and further information about flights, destinations and airport services can be found at

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