Urban appliance products for future cities

The UOS™ and sensor network is deployed as a set of 'appliances' based on network and data center technology that are integrated into the structure of a building, a car or a surface.

The first of these appliances is the "Urban Network Appliance" (UNA) – a Cisco Integrated Services Router or ISR, equipped with a service module and running Living PlanIT's UOS Real Time Control (RTC) software. By abstracting edge services - sensing and actuation control, edge analytics and real time performance improvements - and providing a rich flow of content to the UOS, we enable the best granularity for advanced analytics while distributing network and processing loads.

The second of these is the "Urban Cloud Appliance" (UCA) – an implementation of Cisco's Unified Compute System platform (UCS) which hosts the Urban Operating System (UOS™) in a distributed private cloud, as well as other network shared services deployed through the urban development.

The third of these is the "Urban Transportation/Surface Appliance" (UTSA) - a highly efficient hardened hosting platform that provides both the mobile sensing interface and PlaceApps hosting platform in transportation systems and a remotely manageable high availability platform to support smart walls and other static deployments of urban furniture.

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