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Our technology brings together infrastructure, sensors, devices and people. When the resulting insights are combined with our expertise and that of our partners, we can unite individual, business and government interests.

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Bio Energy
Cloud Computing
Dam Conditions
Emergency Response
Energy Metering
Energy Storage
Flight Status
Fuel Consumption
Heat Sensors
Location Services
Motion Detection
Parking Alerts
Power Transmission
Power Plant
Push Notification
Solar Panels
Sprinkler System
Traffic Lights
Voice Recognition
Water Quality
Water Treatment
Wind Turbine


Most systems and technologies related to real estate development and infrastructure operate in a vacuum, blind to the worlds of data swirling around them. There has never been a way to bring everything together efficiently and intelligently. Until now.

Creating Order & A Way To Connect

The PlanIT UOS is the go-to platform to unite and harmonize systems, and systems of systems at any scale. Our unique layered architecture, structural flexibility and scalable design make the UOS capable of running a single piece of equipment or an entire city.

PlanIT UOS In Action

The PlanIT UOS outperforms traditional building management solutions. Our platform helps realize new revenue streams and drives efficiencies by sharing intelligence across systems such as HVAC, lighting, security, and more – even incorporating current operating conditions such as weather, occupancy, specific events, and historical usage patterns.

In retail settings, the PlanIT UOS adds value by providing first-class retail advertising and behaviorally targeted real-time CRM and customer communications. Our platform brings the dynamic, personalized, service-driven world of online retail to the physical space. Real-time automated decision-making and precise customer matching is enabled by data collection from customer devices, mall sensors and points-of-sale.

The PlanIT UOS can integrate everything from airport operations to security to the food court, resulting in an improved customer experience and new commercial opportunities. We have demonstrated this in airport and commercial retail environments.

The PlanIT UOS is so extensible and cost-effective, that it can scale to city-level and inspire partners to collaborate in ways never before possible. In partnership with local & national government, developers, engineers, educators, investors and technologists, we are creating and executing a shared vision for a true smart city.


Resulting Impact

Conservative estimates: 30% CAPEX savings and minimum 20% OPEX savings over traditional BMS solutions for new buildings. If systems like lighting and HVAC are appropriately designed, efficiency will continue to improve during the first 2 years of operation.

In retail settings, your payback period can be as low as 1 year and you can realize 10-30% improvement in revenues by using the PlanIT UOS to exploit synergies between waste-to-resources, lighting and smart retail systems.

Based on our airport demonstrations, we project 20% improvement in passenger flow and equipment handling. And 30% retail revenue increases at peak times.

For projects of scale, such as our Copenhagen initiative, we and our partners expect a short payback period, 10% improvements in energy management for subscribed buildings and improved citizen satisfaction and communications.


Our Expertise

By proactively working end-to-end, from concept and design, through construction and deployment, we can help reduce cost, time to market, and ensure the PlanIT UOS is fully-integrated with partner needs and technologies, past, present and future.

Let's Connect

Our Partners

We’re fortunate to work with some of the world’s most innovative software and hardware providers, scientists, architects, engineers, sensor and device manufacturers, and real estate companies. By partnering with them, and working closely with governments, educational institutions and researchers, we’re able to shape and execute our unique vision.