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The Internet of Things is springing to life. And we’re at the heart of it. Through our technology, expertise and partners, we’re creating efficiencies, realizing revenue, increasing sustainability, and opening doors to new ways of building and living. We’re not just envisioning the future, we’re making it happen right now.

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The PlanIT Urban Operating System™ is the smartest, most flexible way to converge infrastructure with a world of sensors, devices and people across developments of scale and entire cities. A single intelligent system to manage it all.

What We Do

A Technology That Transforms

The PlanIT UOS enables systems such as energy, water, waste management, transportation, telecommunication, healthcare, security and potentially everything around you to communicate intelligently with each other – and with a world of ever-proliferating sensors and devices. And because we do this in ways that make obvious bottom-line sense, almost everything is about to change.

How We Build

Property developers and government officials benefit from reduced CAPEX, OPEX, and time to market. With PlanIT UOS-derived insights, they can better optimize and grow their developments once they're built. It all results in significantly improved ROI.

How We Consume

The UOS drives efficiencies helping to reduce energy and water consumption, enhance waste management, reduce pollutants, and alleviate stress on existing infrastructure.

How We Live

Public and private spaces are made more safe. Commuting times are reduced. Opportunities for new amenities and convenience emerge. All while the costs of living come down and quality of life improves.

Our Approach
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Would you like to learn more about the PlanIT UOS? Interested in partnering on a project? Curious if we're hiring? Press inquiry? Just want to talk about the future? We're always happy to discuss potential opportunities.

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